Who I Want To Meet!

If I had to meet one person in the world it would probably be Bill Gates. Because maybe he could teach me a thing or two about how to make a computer program. Also I would like to meet him at is house. Because of how wealthy he is I think it would be neat to see his house. if you could meet anyone person who would it be and where would you meet them?

Feel Like Being Random?

If you feel like being random here are ten ways to be random!

1) Jump up and down while singing “wonder pets, wonder pets, were on our way to work together and save the day, we were not to big and were not to tough, but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff, GO WONDER PETS, yay!

2) Put on a skit actting out a grandma whos back breaks.

3) Make a pie and smash it in your worst enemies face!

4) Comunicate in another animals voice for 30 minutes.

5) Have a yarn fighet and tangle people up.

6) Blow up 200 baloons and put them all in your bedroom.

7) Ding dong ditch your neighbor

8) Write a song.

9) Celebrate your Birthday.

10) Make a prank call!


People remember be random!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome 2011!  I really miss 2010 I had somemany great things in 2010.  It seems like jsut yesturday I was watching the ball drop and welcoming 2010.  However, I’m welcoming 2011 right now.  In 2011 I hope to do amazing in Texas at the Greater Southwest Invitational meet!  I’m very excited to turn 11 this year!  Happy New Year!

Read It!

Hello I’m Paige.  And this is a post called, Read It.  Today I suggest you read Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth.  In this book you will read many hilarious pages.  This book is about a kid named Greg.  Greg’s X-best friend gives him humiliating and embarrassing moments in middle school.  To find out more about this book Read It.  This was edition one of Read It, brought to you by Paige.  Thanks and have a terrific day.  If you have and questions or comments I’m always glad to hear them.

So, You’re Gifted…

Today In E.L. we did a webquest!  During the webquest we figured out things that make us gifted.  According to Myer Briggs I am an ENTJ.  This means I think out of the box and am a leader.  This was really cool to me because I would think of my self in the same way Myer Briggs thinks of me.  To me being gifted means to be able to think out of the box and always be able to think of a new idea that has never been used before.  I feel very good about being gifted because it makes me feel unique and special.  To be gifted feels like you have gotten to a level that has never been passed before.  Something that makes me think of being gifted is a saying I made up, “You can’t ever get to the next level until you have used your gift of pure creativity”.  To me this saying means you can’t get ever go farther in life until you have used your gift of creativity that everyone has if you climb up to the very top of your brain where evryone can be the smartest possible.  In this webquest I learned that if you’re gifted it means you have a special part in your body that has been worked so hard that it has grown so big it became gifted.    Another test I took was the color test in that test I learned that my color was green.  Green means I’m exceptionally creative problem solver who makes others think outside the box.  The last test I took was the Learning Style test.  I learn in the Kinesthetic style.  This means I really like to do hands on projects.  This also means I like fast pace stories.  One more thing I did was I learned my negative and positives in myself.  I liked to learn about that because now I know how to think of myself.  I hope you learned a lot about gifted people in this post.  Please comment on this post if you have a question or comment on this post or anything.

My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is Swimming! I think that swimming is a fun sport that keeps you motivated to always do your best.  I have swam for fun and competitively for many years!  My favorite  to do is backstroke.  I like backstroke because it is the only stroke on your back and that makes it unique.  Another reason why I like backstroke is because it is a very strait forward stroke.  However my best stroke is butterfly.  Thanks and I think you should really try out the sport of swimming!

Book Review

I think that The Dork Diaries is a good series to read.  This is because it is funny and it did not go on forever about the same topic.  The book is a fast pace, easy, and fun read.  The Dork Diary series is about a girl named Niki who has just switched to a new school.  Niki does not like the school at least at first.  To find out what happens to Niki read the Dork Diary series!  I would rate this series 10 out of 10 stars!  Read it!

Challenge 4

Some things you can do to make your blog better is by putting more interesting facts on your blog! Another thing to make your blog a better place is to maybe get more people to post on you blog.    So have fun blogging and get to making your blog a better place!  This is for challenge 4!